Founded in 1974 in Switzerland, Travelwell has been planning and organizing tailor-made and very unique trips for individuals and small groups, for almost 40 years.

Barbara Nordmann Marc NordmannSince 1997
has been owned by Barbara and Marc Nordmann. Both of them have been in the travel and tourism industry their whole working lives.

Barbara started her career in 1973 with the 5-Star Hotel International in Basel. Since then she worked as part of the management in several 5-Star hotels in Basel, Lucerne and Zurich.

Marc has started his career in 1976 with Swissair where he worked in ground ops for many years. He started his own business in 1994.

Together, they have owned Travelwell since 1997.

With our network of partners, most of them small, family owned companies, Travelwell stands first of all for outstanding quality. In order to achieve this high level of service again and again, our team invests a lot of time and energy in visiting and checking our partners frequently.
Our assessments includes not only quality and uniqueness, but also carefully review all safety and security matters. All this guarantees, that our guests will experience the very finest of programs - treasures to take home and remember for a long time. Many of our guests show us their appreciation by coming back again and again. Our speciality is in making arrangements for travellers who desire, deserve the difference!

Some testemonials from our customer

Matterhorn, Canton Valais
Destination # 43

Bell foundry, Bärau im Emmental, Canton Berne
Destination # 13 & 21

Park in Locarno, Canton Ticino
Destination # 111